The VoIP Difference
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The VoIP Difference

Telephone service used to be a chore you had to get through during your day to day business.  It was impersonal but necessary. It didn’t integrate into anything but a telephone on your desk and when it broke, you had to wait for the phone company to come and fix it. That all changed with the invention of VoIP (a technology that now powers everything from the phone in your home to the cell phone in your pocket). The thing about phone service is that it has changed for everyone but the business owner. You still have to call the phone company (sometimes 2 or 3 different providers to see who “owns the lines” in your area). Then you wait for them to come out and “drop copper” for service.  Now this does not entitle you to service, it simply means that they have “connected you” and now you call yet another company to either sell you a phone system, or migrate the one you have. This is a tedious and time consuming process that is yet again a holdover from an outdated technology.

Enter VoIP.  All you need is a connection of reasonable quality, and a phone. That’s it. No clunky phone system, no “66 Block”, just the internet, a phone and you.  You don’t even have to be in your office. You can install a softphone on your smartphone (say that 5 times fast) and your business is with you, wherever you are.  You can 4 digit dial, intercom, check voicemail, send and receive calls, anywhere in the world, instantly making you a global contender. If you are hesitant about switching over to VoIP service for your business needs, just take a look at the advantages that VoIP brings to the table.

In comparison, the growth of VoIP service can be compared to that of the internet in the early 90’s. Looking back though, how in the world did we manage to conduct business without the internet? How much more efficient and effective are we with the use of internet to aide us daily in business? The biggest advantage of VoIP for business use is that of cost. You can reasonably expect to cut your monthly telephone cost by 30% and invest that money into other areas of your business. You also gain the control to manage just how you interact with your customers over the phone by how calls are answered and routed. You choose just what you need each call to do, where they are sent to in the company and even how you receive your messages.

VoIP gives you the freedom to communicate with your customers the way only you know they need, not the way the phone company says they need. With VoIP, you get more features, faster response times and the freedom to choose to communicate how you want. Take control and upgrade to the Trident Voice VoIP difference.

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