Trident Voice Cloud is a company based on making our customers happy. We take pride in your reputation.

Customer Loyalty

With over 25 years of serving customers just like you.

Trident Voice knows that you are a business, not the telephone business. You expect perfect telephone service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and that is exactly what Trident Voice provides; with no hassles and no money out of your pocket. Read our client testimonials and see why our current customers enjoy working with us!

Martin Custer
CEO, Automated Outlet

“Our telephone system is our life blood. Trident Voice gave us the ability to rapidly expand into new markets and handle our rapid growth, while reducing our telecom expenses. Our system has never been down and when we have any questions, Trident Voice responds instantly. Great service, great function, and great savings…what’s not to love? Thank you Trident Voice!”

David J. Record SR.
VP, AMG Managed Services

“When we relocated our offices, we found the cost of moving our existing phone system was enormous. Trident Voice was able to supply all new equipment, give us more features and functionality while saving us over 30% of what we were paying for phone service – all with no money up front.”

Amy Tillotson
Owner, Virtus Wealth Managment

“When we relocated our offices I went with an on-line firm to handle our phone system, which was my first mistake. After we realized this was not going to work we found Trident Voice and within 24 hours we had our phones up and running. We had several problems within the first month with the phone system and the Trident Voice team was there every step of the way to make sure that everything was fixed and running beyond our expectations. That was three years ago, we could not be happier with Trident Voice and their support/service.”

Kevin Harrison
Managing Partner, Eastwood Media

“Trident Voice gave us the right system for our needs and configured it to allow us to easily expand to accommodate our growth plans. Their technicians made our installation painless as well. Special thanks to our tech for his individual, friendly and knowledgeable customer care which made us feel important! Keep up the great work!”

Barry Ervi
VP Buisness Development, Signapa

“We have depended on Trident Voice for three years with no disappointments. We provide top quality service for our clients and that means our telephone system has to have excellent voice quality and be reliable. Trident Voice provides us a quality solution that work and good value.”