Great service combined unmatched reliability and voice quality - Trident Voice delivers the very best Voice over IP telephone services at a great price and with no contract or setup fees.


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The Technology


Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-Based Solutions

Today’s telephone technology has totally changed.

There are a lot of companies trying to get in on the wave, but do not get confused. Trident Voice Cloud is a true Cloud based telephone service; not a hosted offering that could be gone tomorrow. We know that your phones are your lifeblood and are mission critical to your business. This is the reason we have designed and invested in the Trident Voice Cloud to deliver the ultimate reliability and quality. Trident Voice allows you to keep your telephone numbers, get rid of your telephone system expenses and headaches, and enables you to better serve your customers.

The Technology

Trident Voice is the most reliable Voice over IP provider.

Trident Voice Cloud technology

The patented Trident Voice Cloud is so unique and advanced that it stands as the only Voice over IP cloud solution that can say “our network cannot go down,” hence you don’t lose calls.

Our patented network design runs every call on 14 simultaneous Tier 1 servers. Our network automatically selects the fastest, cleanest route from 10-14 Tier 1 SONET carriers, basically OC providers, and they feed into 18-22 MetroE providers in the US. Trident Voice Cloud is literally located ALL over the country, your call can be going through ANY of the SONET carriers first, based on geography and latency/traffic; then we private haul over our Metro network straight from the ring carrier.

In layman terms, imagine your telephone having the ability to look at every connection nationwide and always selecting the very fastest, cleanest connection. If your phone is on a connection and our system decides that connection is degrading, it can “jump” from one server to another with a call in process, with no disruption to the call. No other provider in the industry has anything close to this ability… nobody.

Our servers are all virtual machines that allow us to add processors, RAM, and storage on the fly. This means that we can add hundreds of extensions with no measurable impact to a server slice. At our discretion, we can bring up new slices by simply clicking, dragging, and dropping. So, no matter how much you grow or how many locations you open, Trident Voice Cloud can deliver.

Customer Support

As a customer, you will enjoy the most personalized, highest level of service in the industry. Our customers are spoiled and we work hard to keep them that way. If you ever do need service, simply dial 511 from your telephone and a member of your dedicated support team will answer within a couple of rings. You will never have to go through a series of prompts and long wait times, just give us a call like you would your best friend and we will be there for you.

Trident Voice Customer Support

Trident Voice’s Standard Package

Trident Voice delivers the very best Voice over IP telephone services at a great price and with no contract or setup fees.

”MainUnlimited Service Special Features

  • No Contract
  • No Setup Fee *
  • Direct Phone Support **
  • Phone for Life Plan ***

*You purchase the telephones from Trident for a one-time charge of $100 each. This price includes all shipping/delivery, programming, and training. If you prefer, you can buy the Grandstream, Cisco, or Polycom phone sets anywhere you want and we will charge $25 each for programming and training your people. We can port your existing phone numbers or get you new ones.

** Dial 511 from your phone and select “0” to speak to a live operator for support – no 800 numbers or long waits.

***If the Grandstream phone we sold you breaks, we will replace at no charge for as long as you are on our service. Moves, adds, and changes included at no charge.

  • Unlimited Free Local Calling
  • Unlimited U.S. Long Distance
  • Unlimited Conference Bridges
  • Unlimited Voicemail Boxes
  • Unlimited Auto-Attendants
  • Unlimited Storage *

* Store unlimited recordings and voicemails which also can be sent to your email.

  • Detailed Call Reporting
  • Advanced Routing
  • Unique On-Hold Music
  • Find Me/Follow Me Cell Phone Feature *
  • Recording of Calls by Extension
  • No Down Time **

* Even if your location has issues locally, your calls are still being answered, messages taken and sent to your email or the calls can be forwarded to your cell phone!

** 14-Node redundant system on patented network.