New Year's Resolution- Stop Cancelling Plans
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New Year’s Resolution- Stop Cancelling Plans

Even the most dedicated business owner or professional needs to keep their enrichment and personal lives in the forefront of their priorities. A happy worker will always be more productive and motivated in the workplace, and what better way to stay happy than to stop being forced to cancel plans on a moment’s notice because of a problem. These days, with everything being connected and easily transferred, why should you be stuck in an office over the weekend just to be on the phone? Do yourself a favor and take advantage of Find Me, Follow Me, one of the most popular features included with your Trident Voice service.

Find Me, Follow Me allows you the freedom to not only stay on top of all your business priorities but your personal priorities as well. Don’t ever miss another important call again simply because you aren’t in the office to catch it. With Find Me, Follow Me in your back pocket, you can have your business calls ring directly on your cell phone when you need it to, so that last minute weekend getaway dream can be a reality. If you’re always on the go, you can have your business phone ring simultaneously along with your cell phone all of the time, so you can get up and go as you please. If your company consists of just your smiling face or a whole team of smiling faces, Find Me, Follow Me can be one of your greatest tools for staying on track and not missing a beat, especially during hectic situations where business and personal life may collide.

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